Nature & Nurture Imprinted

I recently came across an art project titled Nature & Nurture Imprinted.The piece was produced by Craig Robertson on his website which features “photography and a few other things”. He has a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts and a Postgraduate qualification in Journalism.

Robertson found an old slide projector stored in his family home, along with a box of old photos taken by his grandfather and great-grandfather in the late-1950s to early 1960s. After managing to get the projector to work, he decided they would be interesting as part of a project called Nature & Nurture Imprinted.



I think this is an innovative and fascinating way to look at your family history. The photographs are presented in an unusual yet personal way. The work is projected onto himself, showing how this family and their memories are a part of him; it connects the past and present. I was really drawn to this series as my final major project involves the recreation of the late 1960s through an installation which brings a particular theme of that era to the attention of today’s society.



I like how in some of the images, the white shirt helps to frame and centre the piece. This is seen in the image below. The three children are the focus of the photograph, and being projected onto the shirt gives them a greater intensity. The colours across all of the photographs are vivid and strong, particularly the reds and yellows. It is also interesting to see how the figure sometimes sinks into the image, almost like it is not there at all. They are blending into the stories told in the photographs.



If you want to know more about Craig Robertson, he has a website called Cut Your Teeth where he produces photo essays and writes stories. It states that the website “enables him to channel his creative energies.”

All photographs from:

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