Artist: Léa Maupetit

Léa Maupetit is a freelance French illustrator and printmaker based in Paris. On her website, she says “I am passionate about patterns, fashion, textile and I love children’s literature. I work on personal and commissioned projects in my studio.”

Léa Maupetit - Fruits and flowers (detail)

Fruits & Flowers “Fruits and flowers are truly a source of inspiration for me. These ones are a detail of a set of 4 risoprint, very bright and colorful.”

Léa Maupetit - No funeral

Should I see the same colours as you?

Léa Maupetit - Fruits

Léa Maupetit - Watermelon

Summer is coming (Part.2)

I love these simple and fun designs. I adore the bright and bold colours Maupetit uses, particularly the pieces with a smaller range of colours, such as the watermelon piece above, compared to the more multicoloured pieces like Fruits and Flowers. The patterns are sweet and summery, so you can imagine them on bags, scarfs and dresses. I like the quick sketch style of her work, like doodles you would do on a napkin at a restaurant, or on a pad of paper while talking to someone on the phone. They are informal but smart and controlled.


New Yolk, New Yolk

You can see more of Maupetit’s work here:

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