A Period of Juvenile Prosperity

Have a look at this beautiful photography series by Mike Brodie. When he was 18 years old, Brodie left behind his normal life and decided to undertake a journey of illegally train-hopping across America. Over the next five years he journeyed over 50,000 miles across 46 states, all while documenting the adventure with a Polaroid camera. They are incredibly raw and real, perfectly capturing a sense of youthful adventure and freedom.

He told The Guardian newspaper “You have a lot of worlds colliding right there. But most of them are cool with it and happy that the photographs are being shown. A lot of the kids I knew have since gone back to their old lives. It was something they did for whatever reason before they settled.”

“Some were running away, some were out for adventure. It’s like being homeless by choice, I guess, but, living like that you learn a lot of American values like self-reliance, independence.”

I find these photographs incredibly refreshing and definitely fill me with a sense of wanderlust!








See more from the series here: http://mikebrodie.net/projects/gallery/

Read more at: http://mpora.com/articles/train-hopping-mike-brodie#DgRflTlJClIaX0UJ.97 and http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2013/mar/30/mike-brodie-juvenile-train-rider-photos-interview

Sources: http://mikebrodie.net/projects/gallery/ and http://mpora.com/articles/train-hopping-mike-brodie#DgRflTlJClIaX0UJ.97

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