Artist: Seth Taras

“Nearly all pictures are direct prints from original film negatives with no digital alteration and taken largely hand-held.”

new jersey

While researching for our City Project, I came across the work of Seth Taras. Berlin is a city with such rich and turbulent history, which I found incredibly interesting to learn about while we were there. The Jewish Museum, for example, was a fascinating experience, not only with the facts that we discovered, but also in the building itself. The architecture was astonishing and extremely effective in contributing to your experience; certain rooms were designed to play with your emotions and help you understand the feelings of those who went through the horrors of the Holocaust.

For the project, I began by continuing the study of this history, focussing on how the city has changed. This is when I found the work of Taras. “Know Where You Stand” was commissioned by The History Channel. He travelled the world to find the exact places the original photographs came from in order to make the blending of the work as real as possible. The History Channel said that the series is supposed to “motivate people to understand the history of where they live.”

I like the series as, even though it is simple, it is extremely powerful. It shows the contrast between today and the past in a vivid and delicate way. It still puts across a strong and thought-provoking message, without being too forceful and obnoxious. These images represent how the world can move on and change, but the past can still haunt you and cannot always be forgotten. While in Berlin, I found myself constantly thinking about the past and finding it difficult to forget what the city has gone through.



Click the link below to see Seth Taras blog:

I do not own any of the photographs used in this post

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