Lorenzo Vitturi at The Photographers’ Gallery

This week I visited The Photographers’ Gallery in London. One of the exhibitions on show was the work of Italian-born, London-based Lorenzo Vitturi. His work is bright and bold, immediately capturing your attention. He has filled one room with vibrant photographs and sculptures. I read an interview with Vitturi after visiting the exhibition because I wanted to learn more about the artist and the concept behind his work. I love how he takes objects, that many would see as trash, and turns them into something new and exciting. He often gives objects new life by paying tribute to their old life. For example, for his Dalston Anatomy series, he took the materials that the market people use everyday to build up their temporary shops and created an innovative sculpture from them. He is using the materials as tool, like the shop-owners did.

Often, Vitturi makes the whole exhibition space an installation – he decorates sections of the room and tries to replicate the work he has created in his studio. In one corner of the room, Vitturi had draped fabric and built up a wooden wall. He transformed a plain white wall into something colourful but complements the subjects in the photographs.

Vitturi talked about how he finds it quite boring how photos are displayed in plain white rooms for exhibitions. He believes that the reality of today is too complex to be displayed in such a way – exhibitions should be a totalising experience. In many ways I agree; you want an exhibition to be captivating and memorable. Having surroundings that are exciting but enhance the photography on display can be a good thing. However, sometimes having a simple display is best to ensure attention is completely on the photographs and what they represent.

IMG_7174 IMG_7173

The images above are of Vitturi’s still life photographs. I like how he makes a sculpture within the image. He suspends these objects in an unusual way, a way in which they wouldn’t normally be able to balance in the real world. This creates an odd yet interesting composition. It’s quirky and fun with a great range of colours and tones.

IMG_7175 IMG_7176

On one wall he had a wooden crate hanging, and on that were two photographs. They both have a striking blue colour connecting them. It grabs your attention and shows how important colour can be in the composition for this kind of installation. I particularly like the blue balloons – they have varying textures and seem to be full of life. I imagine that if you popped them, paint or confetti would flow out like a waterfall.

The second image above is of the decorated corner I mentioned before. When you study it you see it is full of shapes and different sections. The colours within these different areas clash and bounce off each other. It looks like a wallpapered wall in a house – maybe a bathroom, considering the towels hanging from the wooden beams.

I would definitely recommend seeing Vitturi’s work for yourself. It’s uplifting and very inspiring.

His show is on until the 19th October.

The Photographers’ Gallery: http://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/

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