Let’s draw!

For the first two weeks of the Art Foundation course we focussed on drawing techniques. We worked with a variety of materials including ink and charcoal, each developing and exploring our own drawing styles over time. We based our first drawings on a large sculpture in the centre of the room. It was made up of wooden cube frames, wooden sticks, a large wooden stick sculpture and polystyrene blocks. At first I found charcoal quite a difficult material to use, but after getting used to it, I began to realise its positive qualities. I was able to create strong and contrasting tones, making certain sections jump out of image, adding a whole new layer to the work.

One of the exercises I enjoyed the most was the continuous line drawing with ink. I like the freedom for the work to look slightly out of balance and messy. It allows you to work quickly and not have to worry about the piece being completely accurate.

When it came to creating a ‘final piece’ from the sculpture we had been studying, I wanted to focus on one particular area, rather than the whole piece. From the angle I was observing the sculpture, I could see a group of wooden cube frames piled on top of each other, and through them the sticks of the delicate sculpture guarded by them. They cut across the empty sides of the cubes, crossing over each other from different angles. These made me think of cages, and so when it came to creating my piece, I used thick black ink lines to show the dominance of these bars – strong enough to keep something trapped inside. The sculpture also reminded me of the work I had seen at the Radical Geometry exhibition at the Royal Academy this summer. One of the sculptures that stood out to me was ‘Eight Squares’ by Gego. Using simple materials and shapes he created quite a complex structure, which I hoped to achieve with my work. Overall, I’m happy with the outcome of this project, but in the future it would be interesting to work on an even larger scale, and maybe introduce some colour.

On top of this, we worked on some model drawing. Taking turns being the model, we drew using charcoal and ink. I love drawings the angles and creases caused by the clothes, and particularly enjoyed the charcoal due to the ability to create sketch like marks, in contrast to the more permanent nature of the ink.


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