The Box Project

Inspired by our box project over the summer, we had to create a large scale drawing. Nature vs. the manmade played a prominent part in the concept behind my box. I wanted to separate these two features for this drawing in order to look at the work from a different perspective.


I first did a piece based on the black figures hanging within my box. I wanted to focus on how there are millions of people in the world, and in some ways we have become clones of one another. It can be seen to be wrong to be different, and individual, out of fear or humiliation. Therefore, I had a few red figures to make them stand out and seen to be proud to be yourself. It is important not to lose your identity.

IMG_7113 IMG_7112

When looking again at the box I created for my summer project, I noticed the leaves had already began to dry out and become more crisp, losing life. I therefore focussed on this decay, and how these pieces of nature having a shorter life-span than a human being could be interpreted as being much weaker – man winning the fight against nature. As the leaves I used were a bright green, I wanted to ensure vivid and exciting colours were used in the work. Therefore, as your eyes follow down the leafy vine the colours get much darker and the black lines get thicker and more intense to show this destruction of nature. I used watercolour due to how the colours blend well and I was happy with the outcome of this piece; however I would have liked to work further into the first sets of green leaves to create even brighter tones.

IMG_7117 IMG_7120IMG_7119

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